TekXI Recap

Had a good week at 2011’s version of tek. Thanks to Marco Tabini and his whole crew for putting together another great conference this year. I haven’t professionally developed in PHP for several years now, but still consider this a must attend conference. This was my 4th year. The people and the content make it worth attending, even though I’m mostly doing Python work these days.

I gave two talks this year, both on Git. Both talks went well, but my advanced Git talk needs some tweaking so I can get it in at an hour. I always plan too much material when I first give it, so it needs a little more taken out.

As promised, I am going to get both talks online over the next week. Each of the repositories we walked through in the advanced talk are going to be posted to GitHub in their “before” state that you can play with them. They also include README files that explain what you’re doing and how to do it.

I’ve already posted my amending and rebasing repositories. You can search my github for pres. to see all of the repositories. I’ll post again once I have them all up.

One of the more interesting evenings this year was a late-night hackathon that involved two 5 gallon kegs from Jason Sweat’s personal stash. I went to bed early’ish, but got this image emailed to me around 1:30. I’m told whiskey fueled its creation. :-)

Stealing Swicegood Code