Testing iPad Pro Workflow

I’m happy to report that this blog post was written on my iPad Pro using iA Writer and published using Pythonista. Through a bit of experimentation this morning I got Travis CI building my website whenever I push a new commit and using Pythonista’s app extensions allows me to hook up some Python code to share the finished work. You can see the build log here if you’re into that sorta thing.

So this means I’ll be sticking with [Jekyll] for a bit longer. I kicked this all off [a few nights ago tweeting][tweet] about finding a new platform for my site. Jekyll kept coming up. Now that I can write and publish from my iPad Pro I’ll stick with it.

For those interested in the nitty gritty, I’ll post up the code that I wrote at some point. My jumping off point was this post talking about developing The Newsprint. The base of my site is still an outdated Octopress so my deploy requires a bit more finesse. The “ah ha” moment for me was realizing that Travis CI didn’t have a copy of my _deploy directory. Once I added that, everything started working smoothly.

It’s amazing how often the technical problem turns out to involve grey matter.